Pho Tan Mai

Bringing authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the table for nearly seven years


Starting May 13th, 2023, we will be serving crawfish until the end of the season. 

Crawfish will be sold on weekdays (Mon - Fri) from 2 PM to 5 PM; crawfish will be sold on Saturday from 12 PM to 5 PM. 

Our crawfish is mixed in size. 

Flavors: Garlic Butter, Sour Garlic Butter

Spice Level: Medium, Spicy, & Extra Spicy

3 lbs and up: $9.99 per lb
2 lbs: $10.99 per lb
1 lb: $11.99 per lb
These are the prices for to-go; if ordering dine-in, there will be an additional 20% service fee.

Additional charges apply if ordering extra sides.

Business Hours

  • Monday - Saturday

    11:00am – 08:00pm

  • Sunday